USCG Illustrations Workbooks for the USCG Marine Engineering License Exam

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USCG Illustrations Workbooks

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USCG Illustrations Workbooks

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Volume 4 - Electrical

Volume 3 - Gas Turbines, Safety, and Steam Plants

Volume 4:  Electrical - The Unofficial Study Guide to the New USCG Marine Engineering Electrical Exam,2nd Edition!

  • The new updated 2016 2nd edition of the ELECTRICAL study guide features detailed analysis on all of the 261 new USCG Illustrations for the updated USCG Electrical Exam.

  • Contains the latest Electrical questions with mathematical solutions and CFR references.

  • Includes the newest Electronics, PLC, and Motor Control Illustrations and Questions.

Volume 1 - Motor Plants

Volume 2 - General Subjects and Refrigeration

NEW 2017 Edition of the

USCG Illustrations Workbooks

The FOUR Volume Guide to the USCG Marine Engineering Illustrations

The ILLUSTRATION Study Guides reviews all 769 Engineering Illustrations in the FOUR volume set. The Illustrations Workbooks discuss each of the illustrations and correlates each with every USCG question relating to that illustration.  In addition, any mathematics related to the illustration is solved with step by step instructions.

The four volume set contains every illustration published by the USCG through March 2017:  each of the 769 illustrations, including 131 Motors, 261 Electrical, 48 Safety, 180 Generals, 69 Refrigeration, 31 Gas Turbine, 49 Steam Engine & Steam Generator Illustrations.

USCG Illustrations Workbooks USCG Engineering License Exam Questions And Illustrations

  • Illustrations can make up 50% of the Engineering Exams.  
  • Studying the Illustrations allows you to concentrate on the material that matters.
  • Understanding the Illustrations will help you to learn why an answer is correct, rather than requiring you to memorize the correct answer.
We are committed to continuously updating our material to keep you at the ready for your next exam.