USCG Illustrations Workbooks for the USCG Marine Engineering License Exam

Alan Gillis

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USCG Illustrations Workbooks

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USCG Illustrations Workbooks

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2017 Illustrations Workbooks

The NEW 2017 Illustrations Workbooks are now available!  The FOUR volume set includes all of the new USCG Engineering Illustrations that have been released.

Volume 1:  Motor Plants includes discussion and solutions for all 130 Motor illustrations.

Volume 2:  General Subjects and Refrigeration includes discussion and solutions for 180 General illustrations and 69 Refrigeration illustrations.

Volume 3:  Gas Turbines, Safety, and Steam Plants includes discussion and solutions for 31 Gas Turbine, 48 Safety, and 49 Steam Plants illustrations.

Volume 4:  ELECTRICAL includes discussion and solutions for 261 Electrical Illustrations plus all math solutions and CFR references for the electrical questions.